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2009-12-24 04:49 pm
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Yuletide Fairy on AO3!


If you are wanting to post a story for yuletide as Yuletide Fairy, because the mask is totally shareable *G*, here are a couple of ways to do so, based purely on my theoretical knowledge of the archive workings and not as yet tested in reality.

1. You can name [archiveofourown.org profile] yuletidefairy as a co-author and drop me a request to take your name off it (this is how proxy posting is occurring). Downside: I get to know who you are.

2. You can create a pseud of "yuletide fairy" or what have you associated to your account, post your story with said pseud, and then orphan the story, removing your username from it.

Mmmm yuletide.
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2009-09-13 02:57 pm


Pretty icon from [personal profile] lanning!

(and to think I've been moaning about wanting to lay out of yuletide this year.)
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2009-01-01 11:16 am

Yuletide Fairy is the People

*dies laughing*

Right, so, Yuletide Fairy is the people! Multiple personages posted anonymously under this sock this year, a matter of great hilarity to me. So if you want to guess who the Yuletide Fairy is, you'll have to tell me what story she wrote for you!

I (primary sock-holder) admit to writing 3 this year; 1 story I know the author of, 1 I suspect, 1 I cannot confirm or deny any knowledge of, and 1 I have no freaking clue. Isn't it exciting?
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2008-12-28 03:13 pm

Oh dear.

I wrote a story in a fandom I hadn't consumed all the canon for. I still haven't, but I've gotten a bit farther than I had when I wrote the story.

I've been... I'm not sure this is the appropriate term when I'm consuming a source after it has closed? But nonetheless, regarding my fannish production vs my fannish consumption: I've been Kripked.

They went there.

This is why I was afraid of writing it before I finished consuming the source.

OTOH: Ahahahahahaha the canon pretty. Hee.
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2008-12-24 07:44 am


omg, self, "vaguely canon-compliant" means you can make shit up already.
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2008-12-23 02:49 am

to the nearest 5,000 words...

It is three in the morning, I have work tomorrow, more pinch-hits and treats than I know what to do with, and the bastards I am writing at this particular moment want a romance.

I had better get out of this story at under 5,000 words.

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2008-12-21 02:42 pm

Pinch-hitting: now with more vomiting.

You know, I was thinking about calling in sick for yuletide tomorrow. Now I have a legitimate excuse to do so. On the other hand, I'm also actually sick, so I think some of my stories are getting shorter.
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2008-12-07 03:25 pm

*rubs hands together*

Got myself a pinch-hit in this last flurry.

Going to have to reabsorb some canon. Damn.
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2008-11-18 11:42 pm


Caught up reading skimming yuletide letters. Have tagged 50 requests in 42 fandoms. A couple of which I have not previously consumed.

Oh, yuletide.

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2008-11-11 02:54 pm

Santa letters, goat letters

Assignments have been out for about two hours and I have 5 letters earmarked for "I could write that..."

I looked over the list of stuff I started and didn't finish last year, and there's two that I kind of want to continue, even though I know at least one of the requesters requested other fandoms this year. It would be, er, a highly unexpected gift?
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2008-04-26 01:44 am

Chocolate pomegranate goat's cheesecake

Bernard made me bake tonight.

Chocolate pomegranate goat's cheesecake

2 cups ground walnuts
2 tbsp honey

4 cups (32 oz) soft goat's milk cheese (chèvre)
4 eggs
2 tsp lemon juice
2 tbsp flour
about 3/4 to 7/8 cup honey
about 1 cup of pomegranate seeds
1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips

Mix ground walnuts and honey, spread on bottom of springform pan.

Mix cheese and eggs. Add lemon juice, flour, and honey. Fold in pomegranate seeds.

Separate off 1 1/2 cup batter in another bowl. Mix with melted chocolate chips.

Layer white and chocolate batters in springform pan. Marble with a knife.

Bake at 325°F for an hour; turn off oven and leave cheesecake in oven an additional half hour.

Cool before eating.

Could be made completely cow-free by using unadulerated chocolate and some extra honey; could be made gluten-free by dropping out the flour (flour makes it a New York cheesecake, which is not a necessity of cheesecakeness).
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2008-02-16 12:27 am

I am a freak.

I'm stalking fictional characters with Google Maps. *headdesk*

Read more... )
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2008-02-10 09:24 am

Posted, but fail.

So I polished up the NYR I'd hoped to post during Yuletide proper and was about 20 minutes late on (and which was correspondingly rushed and needed some polishing) and posted it.

With a mistake in the title.


ETA: [livejournal.com profile] elynross has corrected it! Yay./ETA.

It is called Lips to the Vessels, Throats to the Heavens, and it is a Diane Duane - Young Wizards story about Kit and the Lone Power.

"I'll do it," the Lone Power said, "for a kiss."

Kit thought, Oh, shit, he's playing with me.
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2008-01-03 11:04 pm


My betas were legion and I didn't thank them individually and by name because the one subset would totally blow my secret identity. But to all my Lost Girls: thank you. I love you.
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2008-01-03 09:44 pm

Current plan:

Answer story comments at a faster rate than am receiving them.


I realize I should not be complaining, but omg, unforeseen extra workload of multiple stories.

If you start getting replies no longer than "Thank you!" it's because I've been buried under and avalanche of emails and gave up on trying to answer each one personally.
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2007-12-28 08:00 pm


Because I will forget later, I switched comment settings to screen all. Since I have the feeling people will want to guess my identity.

Rules regarding the [livejournal.com profile] yuletidefairy's identity:

1. Do not guess in a public fashion. Comment screening means asking via comment is not a public fashion. That's why I did it.

2. [livejournal.com profile] yuletidefairy will tell you whether you have guessed right or not. [livejournal.com profile] yuletidefairy will not lie.

3. At some point there may be a limit on number of guesses you're permitted. I'll have to see if it matters particularly.

4. In the spirit of the Fairying, please do not tell anyone else what you discover, be it [livejournal.com profile] yuletidefairy's identity or "you can rule out person X." Spoilsports who think that it is fun to out the [livejournal.com profile] yuletidefairy will not be getting any stories from her next year!

Think that's all for now.
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2007-12-24 10:46 pm

not upload.

I finished 4,000 words of what will, I suppose, be an NYR about 16 minutes after the deadline.

I may yet cry.
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2007-12-24 03:27 am


Er, I think this one is XII? It went up as 1555, and is the 7th story from your humble fairy.

My current goal is to hit double digits. Three more stories! And two of them are half-done. Why, that's practically a whole story right there.
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2007-12-23 11:56 pm


Against my better judgement and despite feeling totally pinched out, I took one of the last four pinch-hits today. I think that makes XI? I just uploaded it as story 1501.

It's just over a thousand words, but they are a thousand words I like very much. It made me happy to write it. And it fit into my overall thematic motif of the year.

It was my 5th pinch-hit and my 6th story finished as [livejournal.com profile] yuletidefairy, and my 7th story finished overall.

I still think I am writing four more tomorrow.

I might be smoking some crack here.
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2007-12-22 10:35 pm


IX and X have gone up. I don't know what numbers, I was a bit rushed.

IX is something like 4500 words (TALKY TALKY BASTARDS), X was I barely squeaked out 1000 words and I can deal with that.

Can haz nap now?