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Nov. 8th, 2007 01:06 am
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733 words into a second story, this one based off of a Santa* letter (amusing Santa letters are my meat and bread). I keep thinking I've written more words than I have; on the other hand, there's considerably more words to go. There's the aftermath of bit one, and the next bit, and potentially a third bit depending on how much of a running gag I want to make it, and then the long, involved section after that, and I can't decide if I want that to run gay into the sex or if my lead should have to work harder than that for it; then there's the fall-out of the running gag, which is either a plot coupon for another 30 pages of story or else follows through to the emotional resolution, I just can't decide.

Also there's that whole triangle issue to deal with. And I still haven't made up my mind about that. Probably the answer to that will be the answer to plot coupon or resolution, since if I need to deal with it, I need another 30 pages. Ahem.

Still have not finished yuletide I. I know where there's more of that one but I'm not sure where it's going to end. I hate that!

*re: Santa, apparently this is now an offensive term and it should be yuletide writer, not yuletide Santa. I somehow feel the need to put in my two cents despite no one giving a rat's ass. I was raised in a Christian household so the "Santa" language was totally invisible to me as potentially offensive until the issue got raised recently. Should I edit my word choices to not say Santa? I dislike to do that, since Santa seems to me to not be directly related to Christ, and are all my cultural quirks invalid? Sigh.

In any case: I am pagan, yes really, not because it's cool or whatever, no, really; my religious experience has been very personal and a wee bit frightening, and is not up for public discussion, really. I don't believe everyone should believe what I believe, and I sure as hell don't believe everyone should believe in Jesus, and my usage of "Santa" is not promoting Christian beliefs because I don't share them, it truly is a cultural quirk and not a religious one for me to say "Santa."

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